What?  Cool Fit Club seeks to deepen the mind-body connection. To develop mindfulness alongside toughness. To teach you how to generate, coordinate and deliver forceful movement, while also neutralizing incoming forces, to create the safest environment for yourself. Survival training for your life.

Why? To master form and technique, harmonize power with balance. Provide universal access and a safe space for personal growth. Support each other through accountability. Shower each other with positivity. Build community. FEEL COOL, FIT AND ALIVE.

Founder and Head Coach of Cool Fit Club, Ryan McCann is a sportsman at heart. From the quickest kid on the playground, to New Jersey high school track champion and hall of famer, to D1 record holder at Duke. More recently as a Run Coach and Personal Trainer, Ryan's mission is to explore holistic wellness and inspire others to fulfill their greatest goals. When he's not leading Cool Fit Club, you might find him coaching at Mile High Run Club or running, swimming, biking around NYC parks, pools, beaches and bball courts. #CoolFitBuddha in hot pursuit of miles and smiles.